‘Today, Somehow, I’m a business owner’ – Jack’s Story

“Thriving not just surviving…It was December 1998 and was walking the ward in Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Thinking that this was a ‘normal’ life of a 5 year old. Carrying a bag full of fluid being drained from my lungs. I distinctively remember asking one the nurses for a cup of tea. Yes I was mature for my age 😂 – having not drunk much and my parents soon to be returning, I not once thought what I would make of life.”

“Now 28 years of age, I’m healthy and what seems like another boys memories, I’ve taken off the “rose coloured glasses” and seen and felt that life back then was very serious. I wasn’t normal, I was ill, I was surviving. Just like all of us with a single ventricle heart condition in our early years.”

“But with resilience, amazing health care and network of family and friends, somehow I’m a business owner, adventure seeking mad man, and live life to the fullest with half a working heart!”