📞 LHM support line 0121 455 8982 

❤️ Open from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM – 7 days a week 

The Little Hearts Matter team works to offer support from the time of a new diagnosis, through decision making and treatments and then during life at home. No question is too small, we will always try to help where we can.

About our office support team

When a call comes in to the office it will first be answered by Tracy or Paula. They will take some initial details and then chat through what support or information the caller is seeking. They will then either refer the caller on to another member of the team or send out appropriate information. Many of these calls are referred on to Suzie.

Suzie has been working for the charity for 28 years. She used to be a Congenital Cardiac Specialist Nurse so will listen to all callers’ concerns and work to help them understand what their medical team have told them, especially following a new diagnosis or treatment plan. Although she is unable to give individual medical advice she will help a caller to draw up a list of questions for their own medical team. She also works to help families access support for a child in school or when they apply for benefits. Her aim is to give a general overview of life with a congenital heart condition and the support a child or family may need at any stage of their journey.

About our parent-to-parent volunteer team

The support line is manned by a team of trained supporters in the evenings and at weekends. All parents of children with a single ventricle heart, the team are brilliant at offering support when a caller most needs it. We know that not everyone wants to speak on the phone, so our lovely volunteers are happy to text as well.

Rachel RobinsonSupport Line Volunteer

“I have been married to Adrian for 15 years, we have 4 children and live and work on our family farm in South Shropshire. I had an antenatal diagnosis of HLHS with my 3rd child, Samuel, who was born in 2006 at the Birmingham Women’s Hospital. Samuel has undergone all three stages of surgery at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and has since had a pacemaker. I have done some fundraising for LHM over the last few years and 3 years ago I became a parent support volunteer. I clearly remember how desperate and confused we were by the initial diagnosis and what a lifeline LHM was to me. LHM has continued to support us over the years and I am glad to be able to support other mums and dads who find themselves in a similar position to the one we were in 10 years ago.”

Jen EvansSupport Line Volunteer

Hi my names Jen, I’m married to Phil and have three gorgeous children. Charlie eight, Sophie six and Alfie three. Sophie has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.

I decided to volunteer on the Little Hearts Matter support line as I wanted to give something back to the charity and the other LHM families out there – to listen to those who are going through similar experiences to me and help if I can.”