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My name is Ivy and I am 6 years old. I am in year 1. I have a special heart (hypoplastic left heart syndrome) and I have had 3 heart surgeries at Alder Hey.

In PE lessons I sometimes get tired and I tell the teacher so that I can have a break. When it is Winter and I am cold at playtimes, so I go inside where it is warm with someone to look after me. I play with my friends and I have so much fun. Sometimes I will tell my friends if I don’t like a game or if it is making me tired. I have a brother called Wilf.

I like swimming and I don’t get too tired when I swim but I have to wear a wetsuit to keep me warm. I go to rainbows, street dance and ballet. I can do these things without getting tired and I am just like my friends. My heart doesn’t stop me from doing things.

When I grow up I want to be either a teacher, author or an artist.

Hi, I’m Muhammad, I’m 9 years and I have a condition called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. I’ve just finished Year 4 right now so soon; I’m going in to Year 5 how exciting!

I like coding on Scratch-making projects, drawing, going out to fun places and singing.

My favourite game is called My Singing Monsters. My Singing Monsters is a game where you collect monsters and breed them to create cool songs.

I have to take some medicines every day for my heart. I take Lisinopril and Warfarin. For my Warfarin, I have to do something called a magic finger-or an INR. This is to make sure I am taking the right amount. For the INR test, I need to wash my hands. Then my mum sets up my INR monitor. Then she pricks my finger and I have to put some cotton wool on the blood, then when it stops bleeding, my little sister helps me to put a plaster on my finger. We have to do this every few weeks at home.

I had 3 operations. I can remember my third one but I can’t remember my other ones because I was so young. I had to stay in hospital for a long time.

Little Hearts Matter have made a Youth Zone chat every month for ages 7 to 10 years old and I really enjoy it so far. So, thank you Little Hearts Matter for making the Youth Zone for children my age.

Hi my name is Lucy. I am 7 years old and was born with HLHS. I have had 2 big operations. My favourite colour is pink and I live in Scotland.

My favourite subject at school is maths and I am going into Primary 4. My least favourite subject is PE because I don’t like running and can get out of breath before my friends. I love to draw and read. right now I am reading Harry Potter and my favourite movie is Harry Potter.  I have a dog and she is crazy! her name is poppy.

I’m adventurous and I love to play games with my best friend. I go to art classes every week and also swimming lessons. I manage to keep up with all my swimming friends and can swim quite fast! This year we went to Florida and I met all my favourite princesses.

I sometimes get sad that I have a special heart but I look at my scar and remember that I am a heart warrior!

Hi my name is George and I am 9 years old.

I don’t have my right ventricle and I was born with five other heart defects. I have had 3 open heart surgeries and 3 more heart surgeries to help me survive, improve my day to day life and be less breathless. However, I still have limitations. I get breathless and cold easily especially when playing, going swimming or being outside in the winter. When I go swimming I put a wetsuit on to keep warmer and I make sure to wrap up warm in the winter.

I love to play football but I make sure there are rules in place so I don’t get tackled and i can take breaks because I bruise easily from my medicine and get tired and breathless. I am  also part of a disabled football club where there are lots of people like me with health conditions. I also enjoy playing chess because it’s fun and I don’t have to run around to play it so I can reserve my energy levels. At school I like to play with Lego and puzzles at lunch time so I can rest inside on really hot and cold days or when I’m feeling tired so I’m not running around outside.

Although my heart condition can make me sad and I can be in hospital a lot. I still have fun playing with my friends and spending time with my three brothers.