Social Media Support 📱❤️

Facebook is a powerful tool that allows us to reach our members and supporters instantaneously.
Over the years, our Facebook community has grown and blossomed into something truly special. Whether you are looking for support, would like to meet other heart-families, or just want to keep in the loop with all things LHM, Facebook is the place to be.

Our public Facebook page

We would love for you to follow @LittleHeartsMatter. Here you can learn more about LHM’s support services, read family stories, keep updated with medical advances, fundraising news and awareness campaigns.
We also offer one-to-one chat support through Facebook messenger, we always have an ear to listen and we’d love to hear from you.

Our private Facebook groups

Single ventricle heart conditions are so rare that many of our families do not know anyone else locally who is facing similar challenges. By joining our private groups, members have access to a private space where they can connect with other people on the half a heart journey. Please note that you must be a full members of the charity to join our private groups.

Parent member group

This is a safe, private space for the parents of LHM, we currently have over 1000 group members. Perhaps you would like to raise a question, share an achievement or seek the insight of other families who are also living with the challenges of having a child with a single ventricle heart.


“I truly love this group, even when I do not post anything for a while, I love looking at the happy posts from other parents and often the advice given here is very relevant to us.”

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The Virtual Shed

A new group dedicated to LHM dads of children with a single ventricle heart. LHM’s virtual shed gives dads a chance to link with each other, share stories and ask questions. Their own place to chat about the half a half journey.


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Grandparent Group

A safe and secure place for LHM grandparents to talk and share their experiences of life as a grandparent of a young person with half a working heart. This group is open to full members of LHM only.


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Bereaved Members Group

Where parents who have lost a child to complex heart disease can seek the support of other parents and ask questions of each other.


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Team LHM

Come and join our friendly community of fundraising heroes. This is a group dedicated to the amazing people that so generously raise funds for Little Hearts Matter. You could be holding a bake sale, skydiving or hiking… all of our generous fundraisers are welcome into this group.


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The Youth Zone

This is a group dedicated to our Fab Youth Services program for young LHM members aged 11 to 17. On this page you can read stories, achievements, problems and articles for teenagers with complex congenital heart conditions like Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, Double Inlet/Outlet Ventricles, Tricuspid Atresia, Complex Pulmonary Atresia or Univentricular Heart.

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Transition to Adult Services

This group is for full members of Little Hearts Matter that have a child 14yrs+ with a single ventricular heart condition and are going through the transition to adult services.


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LHM SVH Adults

This is a closed group for LHM adult members (aged 18+) who live with half a working heart, to talk to each other, share experiences and ask questions.


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Research Discussion

A place to discuss research papers and articles related to single ventricle heart conditions. Be Kind and Courteous. We’re all in this together to create a welcoming environment.


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We would love for you to follow us on Instagram so you can keep up to date with all things LHM. Please note LHM does not currently use this platform as a support tool.



Following LHM on Twitter can provide links to articles, research and support services. Please note LHM does not currently use this platform as a support tool.