Here you’ll find information about our presidents, trustees and policies. Little Hearts Matter is governed to ensure we are effective, accountable and have direction. We are governed by a trustee board that is responsible for the work that we do. Our governance is responsible for;


The long term direction of LHM, including our objectives and purpose.


Implementing policies and activities to achieve objectives.


Complying with legal requirements


Accountability to those with an interest in the charity

The LHM Board of Trustees

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Our trustees are a dedicated group of professional and dynamic individuals who are passionate about driving the charity forward to consistently deliver a cohesive and progressive strategy which benefits all members. With many Trustees equally being members, the Board is first and foremost caring and empathetic to the memberships’ needs and as a result is passionate about ensuring the charity continues to support them. The trustee Board manages the charity’s finances and ensures it operates within the requirements of UK charity law. The Trustees govern the charity and meet four times in each year as well as contributing, where relevant, as part of different Project Teams alongside the Office Team.

Medical Advisory Team

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As a medical condition-based organisation, Little Hearts Matter relies on the support and expertise of members of the medical and nursing professions. We rely on these teams to inform us of changes in practice and potential new advances, to validate and contribute to the medical and lifestyle information we create, to work in partnership within arenas for change and whilst conducting research. The support the charity gains comes from all of the congenital cardiac units from across the whole of the United Kingdom,

Policies and Documents

Click here to read our governance policies. This includes diversity, safeguarding, data policy and the information production policy.