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Here at Little Hearts Matter we aim to help families understand more about the heart, heart conditions and their treatments and gain a greater understanding of the day-to-day challenges a child and young adult faces living with half a working heart.

Antenatal Diagnosis Information

The initial diagnosis can be frightening and difficult to understand. We’re here to help you understand your baby’s heart problem.

Diagnosis of a single ventricle heart condition

Here we help you understand how a diagnosis is made and answer some of the common questions.

Heart Conditions and Treatments

Here we explain each main single ventricle heart condition and then the sorts of treatment that may be offered.

Lifestyle information for LHM members

Information, advice and tips about how to cope with all aspects of life when a child has half a working heart

The Fontan Pathway Film (New for 2022)

This new animation explains the treatment & surgical options for single ventricle heart conditions

Heart Animations (New for 2022)

New for 2022, our heart animations were created to help you understand more about single ventricle heart conditions.

Information booklets and publications

Our information booklets are here to help members through all aspects of life with half a working heart.

Congenital Cardiac Hospitals

Here you can explore which hospitals in the UK and Ireland offer congenital cardiac services.

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