NHS England’s Congenital Cardiac Consultation

We would just like to remind you to take part in the  NHS England congenital cardiac consultation. Having agreed a new set of Standards, which aim to raise the standards of treatment and care across the country,  NHS England have suggested some changes to the service to ensure that the new Standards can be met. This Consultation has been created to give everyone receiving congenital heart treatment or care an opportunity to submit their comments on the proposed changes. Follow this link to more information on how you can get involved. https://www.engage.england.nhs.uk/consultation/chd/

There will be a direct opportunity for LHM members to talk to the NHS England team at our forth coming Open Day as they will be running an engagement event. The LHM team are keen to hear your thoughts on the changes. As an organisation we will be submitting our response as well as encouraging LHM members to submit their personal thoughts. Just email us at info@lhm.org.uk.