Zipper Zone Launch

We’re very excited that our new youth site for our young members – Zipper Zone – has finally gone live! We hope that you enjoy browsing through the site and we are really eager to hear from you, our young members, with news stories that we can include here!

We had a few ideas of some types of articles that we love for our young members to write for us, but if you have any other ideas (or would like to do one of these for us!) please get in touch with us.

Our ideas:

  • Diet: articles including photos of specific meals and sharing tips on what you eat to keep healthy but also to give yourself enough energy for the day.
  • Fun: articles about what you have got up to over the weekend.
  • Active: what ways do you stay fit and healthy? Share your ways of how you keep active!
  • Tutorials: do you have a talent or a party trick? Why not show us how you do it?
  • Coping with bullies: articles on how you have coped with bullies.
  • Being more confident: articles on being more confident as you go through life with half a heart.

Talk to us!

Our Cochantelmmunications Officer Chantel would love to hear from you if you’d like to share your story and write an article for our news section!