Suzie Hutchinson awarded MBE for services to children and families affected by half a working heart

Suzie Hutchinson awarded MBE for services to children and families affected by half a working heart


A lifelong commitment to empowering and supporting children, young people and their families living with half a functioning heart has led to recognition for Little Hearts Matter’s Head of Services, Suzie Hutchinson, in the King’s Birthday Honours, 2023.

Suzie has been appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE), for her services to children and their families with congenital heart disease. She was presented with her MBE by HR The Prince of Wales.

Receiving her MBE, Suzie said: “It was an honour to receive my MBE from HRH The Prince of Wales.  He was interested to hear more about  the work of LHM and commented on how difficult a diagnosis must be for families affected. It’s been the privilege of my life to work with children, young people and their families affected by half a working heart. This is a particularly special year as it marks Little Heart Matter’s 30th anniversary year and I’ve been with the charity since its inception. Advocacy will always remain a priority for the charity and I will continue to champion the needs of all those affected and struggling to get the recognition and support they deserve.”

After training at The Royal London and Great Ormond Street Hospital Suzie qualified as an adult and then children’s nurse working in the NHS for over twenty years.  Prior to her role at Little Hearts Matter, Suzie was the first congenital cardiac specialist nurse at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.  Both her roles within the NHS and Little Hearts Matter have provided Suzie with a huge insight into the fears, pressures and isolation suffered by families living with complex heart disease, enabling her to offer over thirty years of child and family advocacy.

Will Goodenough, 30yrs, one of the young people who Suzie has known since he was born with half functioning heart, says:

“Suzie’s has had a significant impact on the lives of so many young people and their families, including my own. She has always been a driving force in helping me make the very best of my life with half a working heart. Without the work Suzie’s done starting and running the charity I know mine and my family’s life would have been a lot more of a struggle and I’m forever thankful for the support Suzie has provided. Suzie’s a role model, mentor and  champion for anyone affected by half a working heart – I’m so happy to hear she’s been awarded an MBE – it is fully deserved and amazing she is  being recognised in such a distinguished way too.”

Warren Manger, Chair of Trustees, Little Hearts Matter, says:Suzie has been at the forefront of Little Hearts Matter since its inception thirty years ago.  Her commitment and zeal to improve the outcomes for children and families affected by half a working heart has been inspirational. This highly deserved award is especially significant as it has been led by the people who have seen first hand the impact Suzie has on so many.”


About Little Hearts Matter:
Little Hearts Matter is a national UK charity offering help to anyone affected by the diagnosis of single ventricle heart condition. From initial antenatal diagnosis, through treatments and into life at home, the charity works with children, young adults and families to reduce the isolation, fear and lack of understanding created when a child is diagnosed as having half a working heart.