Little Hearts Matter is always here for anyone seeking support at any point of their Half a Heart Journey. That support continues even after a child has died.

Bereavement support line

It can be very difficult finding the right sort of support after the loss of a child. The Little Hearts Matter Bereavement Support Service offers parents the chance to link with other parents who know what it is like to lose a child because of a complex heart condition. They understand the pain of loss and the importance of being able to reach out to others to help them feel less alone.

Susanne Williamson, Bereavement support line volunteer

Hello my name is Susanne Williamson, I am married to David and we have five gorgeous children. Luke, my stepson, who is 25, Sophie 9, Matty 7 and two HLHS Angels Jacob and Megan. For my day job I work in a local primary school as a TA supporting children with special needs, a job I love.

Both Jacob and Megan were diagnosed with HLHS antenatally at their 20 week scans. Tragically we lost both our beautiful children as babies. After much soul searching we hoped fate would be kinder the next time and we were ecstatic to welcome Sophie and two years later Matty into our family – both heart healthy.

We have been members of Little Hearts Matter for 13 years and I have become increasingly involved with the work of the charity now offering myself as someone who could be a listening ear to any other parents who have also lost children because they only have half a working heart. I am an LHM Facebook friend but also available to chat to over the phone. If you would like a chance to link with me either leave a message on Facebook or give the office team a ring on 0121 455 8982.

Knowing you are not alone following the loss of a child can be so important. Little Hearts Matter is always here to help.

Bereavement support Facebook page

Knowing that there are other bereaved parents available to chat to in a safe and caring place can be very supportive for parents who have lost a child.

Any Little Hearts Matter member who has lost a child can become a friend to other parents on the closed Bereavement Facebook site. There is nothing better than being able to talk to another parent, who like you has lost a child, understands how it can feel, and is there for you when you need someone to listen and understand.

To join this special site click here and ask to become a friend. The LHM office team will then open the site to you.

Bereavement support book

bereavementbookcoverFrom Us to You explores the ways that different parents feel as they travel through the grieving process. It is a wonderful collection of personal experiences, that explore ways to help yourself and others, reassurances that it is normal to feel angry, sad, happy or depressed and comfort in the fact that you are not alone. The book has been written by Joanna Goldie, Judith and Peter Groves and Penny and Steve Hayles with comments and anecdotes from many other bereaved families who are part of Little Hearts Matter. The book is available from the LHM office. Click here to view an extract or contact us to request a copy.

Autumn Memorial Walk 2019

We will be holding our memorial walk on Saturday 12th October at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire. The walk is a special event for our bereaved families, but all are welcome to come and walk together to remember and celebrate the lives of children lost. The  walk will take you through different parts of the beautiful and scenic arboretum including the Little Hearts Matter memorial. We will end with lunch, a chance to chat with fellow walkers along with crafts for both the children and Mums and Dads.

To find out more or sign up to attend, please go to

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