‘My Dodgy Heart’- Jago’s Story

‘My Dodgy Heart’- Jago’s Story

ello.  My name is Jago and I am 7 years old.  I’ve got a bit of a dodgy heart and I’ve been in hospital a few times.  I am going to have a pacemaker next week.

Having a poorly heart makes me get very tired.  I will be less tired when I get my pacemaker.

Having a poorly heart means I get get-well presents and I get people praying for me.  Having a poorly heart is good.  You can ask the teacher if you want to lie down (well, I can).

At the moment I can’t go to school which is bad and good – bad because I don’t get to go to after-school clubs, and good because I can play on the computer.  I miss my friends as well.

Going to hospital means you get to make friends with children you haven’t met.  You get a personal TV.  You get to do sticker books.  Mainly you have pink milkshake.  For breakfast you get weetabix.

If you have an operation like I did when you have your tummy cut open, you probably feel really scared when you first go but actually you’re going to be asleep so you don’t feel it.