Fundraising at school

Calling all school staff - Eve the Elf needs your help!

Will your little ones get creative this Christmas to show that #LittleElvesMatter too? Simply select one of our suggestions and encourage your pupils to donate £1 each.

Our fun and festive messaging this Christmas will allow your class to have an opportunity to learn how the heart works and more specifically about those living with half a working heart, just like Santa’s Chief Elf, Eve!

Raising awareness of single ventricle heart conditions within schools is so important for children and young people with half a heart, as their peers and teachers can understand how the limitations of how their complex heart condition affects their daily lives.

Will your school get involved today?

Bake some elf themed cupcakes

Download our elf hat as part of arts and crafts

Create elf-themed Christmas decorations

Once you’ve decided what you would like to do, contact Stephen Humphries, Head of Fundraising, by calling 0121 455 8982 or emailing to let us know what you’re planning and request your free fundraising materials. You can set up your school’s fundraising page here.

Pre-Event Christmas Fundraising Poster

QR Code Christmas Fundraising Poster

Post-Event Christmas Fundraising Poster

Who is Eve?

Eve the Elf is 33 and a half years old and lives with half a heart too. You can read her story and find out why she came on board with LHM here.