LHM Medical Advisory Team

As a medical condition-based organisation, Little Hearts Matter relies on the support and expertise of members of the medical and nursing professions.

We rely on these teams to inform us of changes in practice and potential new advances, to validate and contribute to the medical and lifestyle information we create, to work in partnership within arenas for change and whilst conducting research.

The support the charity gains comes from all of the congenital cardiac units from across the whole of the United Kingdom but key contributors are:

Dr David Crossland – Consultant Paediatric and Adult Congenital Cardiologist, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle.

Amanda Haworth – Congenital Cardiac Nurse Specialist, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool.

Nicky Pope – Adult Congenital Nurse Specialist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.

Justine Kid – Congenital Cardiac Nurse Specialist at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Jo Quirk – Adult Congenital Cardiac Nurse Specialist, Leeds Royal Infirmary.

Dr Paul Clift – Consultant Cardiologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.

Dr Graham Stuart – Consultant Cardiologist, Bristol Royal Infirmary.