Joining the LHM Youth Zone

Support just for you

Little Hearts Matter is here to support young people through every step of their half a heart journey. We’re here to help you learn more about your heart condition, how it affects your everyday life and how to take steps towards independence.

We provide:

  • Support and information through our support line, email and social media.
  • Events to help you learn more about your heart condition.
  • Information booklets to help you learn about all the medical stuff.
  • Activity weekends so that you can meet others in a similar situation and have lots of fun!
  • Putting you in touch with other Youth Members so that you can start to make friends with others like you.
  • Help with lifestyle issues including DLA, PIP, education, employment, sports and exercise, sex and relationships, drugs and alcohol.

To become a LHM Youth Member you can register through the website – it’s free to join and means that you can access all of the support offered above.

How to join

Becoming a member of the LHM Youth Zone is super simple. Please complete the form below and our Youth Leader Lexie will be in touch!

LHM Youth Zone membership: Young Person with a single ventricle heart, ages 11 - 18

Bear in mind guys that if you're under 18 years your parents/carers need to be members too.

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