The Fundraising Award

The Fundraising Award will be awarded to young half a heart members, brothers, sisters or friends who have taken on a fundraising activity on behalf of Little Hearts Matter.

The will need to submit photos and a 300 word explanation of the event along with details of the event planning as well as information about the money raised as part of their application.

The aim of this award is to encourage young members, their siblings and friends to organise and run a fundraising activity on behalf of Little Hearts Matter. The award will be given to young people who show imagination, enterprise and enthusiasm.

Who is eligible for an award?

Little Hearts Matter child and young adult members with a single ventricle heart condition can be nominated for the Fundraising Award.

Heart healthy siblings, or child friends of the charity can also be nominated for the Fundraising Award.

All nominees have to be 8 to 18 years old.

There is no restriction on the number of times a child or young adult can be nominated for an award but the nomination must be for a different activity or newly learnt skill.

Who can make an application?

The application for the Fundraising Award can be a self nomination from the child or young adult undertaking fundraising for Little Hearts Matter.

The fundraising needs to be their idea and it needs to have been organised by them.

A parent, teacher or club leader can help the young person with their application or they can nominate a child or young adult.

Application dates

Applications will be assessed by a team of independent assessors taken from within the charity and one external assessor from outside teh organisation.

Applications will be assessed four times a year so nominations need to reach the team by the end of the following months:

  • February – for a March/April announcement
  • May – for a June announcement
  • August – for a September announcement
  • November – for a December announcement

The applications will be assessed on a quarterly basis by a team of young adult members, LHM staff and Trustees. They will use a clear scoring system to make sure that every application is treated fairly.

There will be no upper limit to the number of awards made each month.

If an application misses an application deadline it will be forwarded to the next quarterly assessment.

Awareness of the award and the prize winners

Little Hearts Matter wants to be able to applaud the Brave Heart Winners because of their success.

A designated platform for the awards will be created within the Youth Zone section of the charity’s website which will be linked from the front page of the website.

All awards will be announced within LHM internet and social media sites.

If consent has been given by the award winner and their parents/guardians, a profile of each award winner will be posted as part of a quarterly award announcement.

Press support will be offered to each child if they or their family wish to highlight the award within local press and a school’s information pack will be made available to raise the profile of the award and the charity within each recipient’s school.

To nominate a child or young adult for the Independent Living Heart Award please complete and submit the application form below:

Brave Heart Awards 2022 - Application Form

Details of the child/young person being put forward to receive an award(Required)

Details of the person nominating a child or young person for the award

Your name(Required)

Ask a teacher, doctor, nurse, club leader or independent professional to complete this section to add more information about the achievements of the child or young person This section does not need to be completed if the person nominating the child or young person above is already independent of the family.


Terms and conditions(Required)
Publicity - If further publicity is planned would you be happy to be contacted by the charity?
Child or young person consent to publicity.