Fundraising for LHM in memory

Supporting Little Hearts Matter in memory of a loved one is a special way to honour their journey. By donating or fundraising in memory, you’re giving an incredible gift that will help us to keep supporting families affected by a single ventricle heart condition

Raising for Ronnie

Beth and Danny raised an incredible £12,300 for Little Hearts Matter in memory of their son, Ronnie, who sadly passed away to a single ventricle heart condition.

The generosity and thoughtfulness we received from Beth and Danny holds a special place in our hearts. They organised a fantastic event with an auction, raffle, magician, DJ, bongo player and photo-booth. All made possible through donations from small businesses in their local area of Bexley in Kent.

Friends and family came together to celebrate the memory of Ronnie and we are forever thankful they chose to collect donations for LHM in Ronnie’s name. Thank you.

Below we have provided some examples of how you can fundraise in memory.

Creating an online tribute page

Using a website such as  Much Loved allows you to create an online page for people to leave messages, pictures and share memories. If you just wanted to use your page to collect donations, you can also use JustGiving 

Fundraising in memory of a loved one

Some people, like Beth and Danny, choose to hold an event or do a challenge in memory of their loved one.

You can find some inspiration by visiting our ideas page. 

Making a one off donation

You can make a one off donation by clicking here. You’ll be asked for the name of the person that you’re making a donation in memory of, so if you feel comfortable please fill this in and we can keep a running total of how much has been raised in their memory. Your special gift will make a real difference to families.

Collecting donations at a funeral

Many people choose to collect donations at a funeral rather than flowers. Your funeral director will be able to help you to do this, including collecting any cash donations and arranging for them to come to Little Hearts Matter.

Bereavement support

If you have been affected by a bereavement and need support, please click here.