Single ventricle heart conditions and their treatments

Understanding your child’s heart condition and the treatments that medical teams set out for them can be challenging because most people have little knowledge of what the heart does or what can go wrong.

Over the next few pages we hope to explain each main single ventricle heart condition in turn and then to explain the sorts of treatment that may be offered. If at any time you would like to chat through the information you have been given, do not hesitate in giving the LHM team a ring on 0121 455 8982.

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

Click below to learn more about HLHS.

Tricuspid Atresia

Click below to learn more about TA,

Double Inlet Left Ventricle

Click below to learn more about DILV.

Congenital Cardiac Hospitals

Explore which hospitals in the UK and Ireland offer congenital cardiac services.

Information Booklets

Our information booklets are here to help members through all aspects of life with half a working heart.

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