Little Hearts Matter Launches Christmas Appeal to Support Crucial Helpline

Little Hearts Matter Launches Christmas Appeal to Support Crucial Helpline

Today, Little Hearts Matter (LHM) is excited to announce the launch of its Christmas Appeal, aiming to raise funds for the indispensable Little Hearts Matter Support Line. The support line, vital for families navigating the challenges of single ventricle heart conditions, operates seven days a week from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

At the heart of this initiative is the need to sustain the support line, which costs £16 per day to operate. The appeal hopes to raise the £6000 needed to run this line year-round, providing support for over 3000 families. 

This crucial service offers assistance from the moment of a new diagnosis through treatment decisions and continues to provide support during the ongoing journey at home. The dedicated team at LHM is committed to ensuring no question is too small, offering guidance and understanding at every stage.

The office support team, led by experienced professionals Tracy and Paula, provides initial details and directs callers to the appropriate resources within the organization. Suzie, Head of Service with 30 years’ experience lends her expertise as a former Congenital Cardiac Specialist Nurse to help families understand medical information and navigate their unique situations.

The parent-to-parent volunteer team, comprising individuals like Rachel and Jen, who have faced the challenges of single ventricle heart conditions personally, plays a crucial role in offering empathetic support through the support line.

Rachel, a volunteer, shares her story: “LHM has been a lifeline for me; I’m honoured to support other parents facing similar challenges. Your contribution to the Christmas Appeal ensures we can continue providing this lifeline to families.”

Jen, another volunteer, expresses her commitment: “Volunteering on the LHM support line allows me to give back to the community that supported me. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of families dealing with single ventricle heart conditions.”

LHM’s support line receives calls from families at various stages of the ‘half a heart’ journey, providing support around medical decisions, school challenges, mental health support, and financial struggles.

Vikki King, Trustee of Little Hearts Matters representing bereaved parent members, says: “In terms of the support line – the ability to be able to call LHM in months/years following Isabel’s passing was like a life line. In the confusion and sorrow of what was happening,  I was able to call and get a warm and caring response from the office and then from Suzie I had that same warm and caring voice and she was able to objectively, from being outside of the situation, provide advice where needed and order my thoughts.”

Lisa Davies, Chief Executive, says: “We believe everyone needs someone to turn to, even on Christmas Day. We are proud to be able to be here to support our members whenever they need it.”

Members of the public can support this appeal and make a significant impact. Donations can be made with this link: to contribute.