Harrison's story

Will you donate to show your support to little elves like Harrison this Christmas?


Harrison and his family are taking part in the #LittleElvesMatter Christmas Fundraising Appeal.

Harrison is celebrating his 2nd birthday in January but back at his parent’s 20 week scan this little elf was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). The news devastated his mum and dad, Rachel and James, as they learned more about what to expect when having a baby with half a working heart.

His parents share their story...

“If you’ve received this news you will know that it’s heart breaking and scary. We lived in fear and worry throughout the rest of our pregnancy not knowing what the future would hold. Being introduced to LHM allowed us to connect with other families on the same journey and it gave us some comfort.

Hearing Harrison’s diagnosis, what options were available and his chances of survival felt like the worst thing that had ever happened to us, as many other families will know.

We are trying to live our lives but at the same time you have to be ready for any bumps in our journey and we need LHM to be there whenever we need them most. That’s why we’re sharing our story this Christmas as part of the #LittleElvesMatter fundraising appeal to help give back to LHM and we hope that you’ll join us too?

Harrison has fought for his life since diagnosis and he is so amazing and so strong, a true warrior. We had many ups and downs before we eventually got to take him home and we count ourselves very lucky that we could.

Many people aren’t aware of the treatment involved in our children’s heart journey, whether it be Harrison’s Glenn operation at 5 months old at GOSH, his need to be tube fed until he was 11 months, the prospect of his Fontan operation and what the future may hold. Now at 23 months he is running around keeping us on our toes. It’s amazing how far he has come and we are so proud of him.

 It can be a lonely and scary journey but thanks to LHM we are all in it together. We find its support services so helpful and reassuring when needing to ask questions and other families can provide experience.

It feels great to see Harrison help support LHM this Christmas and we hope other families will show their support to raise the profile of this amazing little charity and congenital heart disease.”

Will your little ones join ours to raise £10 this Christmas and dress as an Elf on the 12th to show that #LittleElvesMatter too?

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