Jan’s Story

Back in October, we surprised Evelyn with a smiley Fontan balloon, to wish her a speedy recovery from her open heart surgery. Grandparent Jan reached out to us with a update to let us know that Evelyn has already been able to enjoy her newfound energy by exploring the forest, climbing and building fairy houses.
“To go out for that long without her wheelchair would have been unthinkable before her surgery. She has told us how different she feels and is overjoyed to be able to be more active. So grateful to all the NHS staff involved in her care.” said Jan, Evelyn’s heart nanny.
The Fontan operation is the third stage of treatment that may be offered to people with half a working heart. Watch this video to learn more – https://www.lhm.org.uk/the-fontan-pathway-film/
A huge thank you to Jan for sharing the inspiring update with us.