Welcome to the information pages, learning that a child has only half a working heart is devastating for parents and families.

At the beginning of the half a heart journey it can be difficult to fully understand all the information you are being given. Here at Little Hearts Matter we aim to help families understand more about the heart, heart conditions and their treatments and gain a greater understanding of the day-to-day challenges a child and young adult faces living with half a working heart.

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    Meet Matthew 👋

    He is the oldest Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome adult who had the classic Norwood procedure in the UK. We thought the heart-parents out there would love to see this picture, as Matthew is actually one of the children in the 25th anniversary poster that he is stood next to here!

    This one is much more than a Thursday throwback, it’s a glimpse into the future for our heart-heroes as they progress from childhood, to teenage years and then into adulthood. They cannot be cured, but with the right support they can live life to the fullest that their heart will allow, because half a heart does not mean half a life.

    This is where you come in. Because when you purchase a patch on our Visufund blanket, you are giving us the resources we need to continue to support people like Matthew, throughout their half-a-heart journey.

    Make a donation now: visufund.co.uk/lhm-wrap-a-blanket-2

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    ❤️In our latest family story, Fiona shares her inspiring half-a-heart journey with us;

    “Lucia has grown with the charity that has supported her and our family throughout our half a heart journey. There is always someone from the charity at the end of a phone and we can connect easily with other families via social media. We can never thank them enough for the information and support they provide. Lucia has a very uncertain future ahead of her but one thing we are certain of is the support we have received from the LHM family.”

    ❤️Read Fiona’s story here: bit.ly/35nTucI

    As a non-profit organisation, we can only be there to support families like Fiona’s with your help. When you purchase a patch on our Visfund blanket, you are helping these families receive the care, information and support they need throughout their half-a-heart journey. We are now onto our second blanket, and we are confident you can help us fill it with your wonderful donations and messages!

    Make a donation now: visufund.co.uk/lhm-wrap-a-blanket-2

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