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Sports & Exercise Booklet

This booklet is written for young people with half a heart, parents, teachers and club leaders. It aims to give overall guidance for leisure and school sport and exercise, and includes a chart which can be used by individuals to give an up-to-date personalised picture of what is safe for them.

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Holidays, Travel & Tips Booklet

Having a child with a heart condition should not prevent you enjoying a holiday away from home or even abroad, but it is essential to spend some time planning the trip before you book anything. Planning in advance allows you to organise medical, safety and mobility aspects of your holiday. Being prepared will allow you to enjoy a fun, relaxing holiday.

This booklet aims to guide you through the planning of your holiday, weekend or even the first time your child goes away without you.

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Puberty Booklet

Puberty is something all young people go through. Sometimes puberty can be confusing and really awkward to talk about. Young people with half a working heart may find their puberty journey is a little different so Little Hearts Matter (LHM) has created this guide to support and inform you so that you have a better idea of what is going on with your body and to answer any questions you might have. Remember if: at the end you are still unsure about something, you can talk to either your parents, teachers or LHM.

Click here for the puberty booklet. 

Sex & Relationships with half a heart

Just like all of your friends at college, university or work, you have sat through the usual sex education lessons but if you only have half a working heart there are other heart-specific things you need to think about.

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