Hayley & Dexter’s Story

Marley was born on this very special day, 22/02/22 with a pre-natal diagnosis of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.
He had his first stage Norwood surgery at Birmingham Children’s Hospital at just 6 days old. His surgery was a success but he spent a further 2 months in hospital, having to have further surgery on his left diaphragm.
We finally got to take him home on Good Friday and we spent 3 wonderful months at home before he was taken in for his second stage Glenn operation.
Unfortunately, following 12 hours of surgery, the Glenn procedure failed and he was reverted to a Norwood circulation. He spent nearly 1 month in ICU and 1 month on ward 11 at BCH and was really poorly but battled through.
At the beginning of October we were finally able to get Marley back home, albeit on oxygen support due to his low saturations following surgery. He has recovered incredibly well and enjoyed a marvellous Xmas where he was deservedly spoilt along with his big sister.
Marley’s next operation to reattempt the Glenn will hopefully be around Easter. He has had an extremely turbulent first year but has handled everything that’s been thrown his way, even when me and mum have struggled. He’s been a shining light through some really dark days and is the happiest, smiliest baby boy I have ever met.
We wanted to share Marleys incredible journey so far so that the world can see what an incredibly brave boy he is. Half a heart but double the courage.