A fun and friendly comic book, aimed to help empower and support young people with half a working heart aged 7-11. Each issue of the comic focuses on a specific topic that has been suggested by LHM members. Next comic coming September 2023.

Hospital tests & what they are for

This comic book concentrates on hospital tests and what they are for.

Comic scramble and answers

Looking for the answers to the comic scramble? The answers lie right here

Bullying and scar empowerment

Your scars are unique to you, but they all tell an important story, they all say that you have experienced something that has made you stronger and braver.

Keeping warm in cold weather

The Half a Heart Gang want to play in the snow. Tilly and Isaac learn how to manage their heart condition needs in the cold temperatures while still having fun!

Managing your energy with spoons

It’s party time! Isaac and Tilly have been invited to a friends birthday party. How will they manage their energy levels so they can go and have fun with their friends?

LHM members aged 7-11 are entitled to free hard copies of the comic. Please ask your parents to send an email to info@lhm.org.uk. Our friendly team will do the rest.