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Mahle WT, Clancy RR, Moss EM, Gerdes M, Jobes DR, Wernovsky G. Neurodevelopmental outcome and lifestyle assessment in school-aged and adolescent children with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. 2000;105:1082–1089. [PubMed] [Google Scholar]

Evaluated school-aged children with Fontan physiology and found that on neurological examination 69.5% had evidence of attention deficit disorder and approximately one-third were reported to receive special education services. In summary, these studies2,68 clearly demonstrated that children with hypoplastic left heart syndrome who have survived staged Fontan palliation can have normal developmental outcomes, but nonetheless are at significant risk for learning disorders, lowered academic achievement, and behavioural abnormalities.


Psychiatric Disorders in Adolescents With Single Ventricle Congenital Heart Disease

David R. DeMaso, MD,a,b,c Johanna Calderon, PhD,a,c George A. Taylor, BA,a Jennifer E. Holland, BA,a Christian Stopp, MS,b Matthew T. White, PhD,a,c David C. Bellinger, PhD, MSc,a,c,d,e Michael J. Rivkin, MD,a,d,e David Wypij, PhD,b,f and Jane W. Newburger, MD, MPHb,g

Adolescents with single ventricle CHD display a high risk of psychiatric morbidity, particularly anxiety disorders and ADHD. Early identification of psychiatric symptoms is critical to the management of patients with CHD.

Information taken from Tiny Tickers – Knowles and Hunter, Screening for Congenital Heart Defects, published July 2013 (research paper reviewing relevant studies on behalf of NHS National Screening Committee as part of pulse oximetry public consultation in 2014).


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