‘When I Was Born In 1967 There Were No Antenatal Scans’ – Donna’s Story

Donna has lived with a congenital heart condition since 1967, making her one of our most senior members! Being born at a time were antenatal scans were yet to be developed, Donna’s condition came as a huge shock to her parents.

She had a Glann Shunt at 9 years old to achieve better oxygen circulation around her body. Throughout her childhood, Donna couldn’t take part in PE and struggled a lot, especially in the cold and crisp winters. At that time, she spent her time indoors reading, and never had the extra support available to children nowadays.  At one point, she was told to run across a field and she collapsed under a tree. Back then, she had to deal with her condition alone because there were no support services like Little Hearts Matter.

Donna started working as a Medical Secretary and met her husband, Andre. She also learnt a lot more about her condition and that a new operation was available to her, the Fontan procedure, which she had in 1990.

Donna and her husband Andre are now happily married with two children. She still struggles with her condition, but Little Hearts Matter has supported her and her family along the way.

To read more about Donna, click here.

When I was growing up, my parents and I didn’t have a supporting charity like Little Hearts Matter, and I love to see how the charity offers advice and support to all the parents, children and young people.

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