After two miscarriages I fell pregnant again, with a baby that had only half a working heart.

We found out at the 20 week scan that there was something wrong with our baby’s heart. A week or so later we saw a specialist who confirmed that it was Pulmonary Atresia, in short, our baby would only have half a working heart.

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We had already experienced two miscarriages by this point and I can honestly say we were relieved when we were told about the surgical options to give our baby a chance of life. At least our baby had a chance. Without giving it too much thought we knew we would be prepared to do whatever it took to give our baby the best possible chance of a good outcome.

I was monitored regularly throughout the pregnancy and all seemed to be going well. I had been booked in for an induction in Bristol on the 27th December. We were planning to have a quiet Christmas and then prepare ourselves to meet our new arrival and face whatever challenges it brought.

I went to a party on the 30th November and danced the night away. Despite being eight months pregnant I felt great!  The next morning I woke up and felt my waters go.  This was definitely not in the plan! I was admitted to our local hospital in Newport and once they were confident my waters had gone I was on my way to Bristol, in an ambulance, on blue lights!  I wasn’t in labour but the look on the paramedics face told me they were going to get me there as soon as was humanly possible. They didn’t want a premature cardiac baby being born in the back of their ambulance!

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