Team Jessica take on the Great South Run

They all did so well and I was so proud of them all for taking part in memory of my beautiful girl. It meant so much to me to have them do something like this for her.

Jessica’s uncles and cousins take on the Great South Run in her memory, to help to raise funds for children with half a heart.

In October 2018, Jessica’s uncles and cousins took on a 10 mile run down the south coast to raise funds for Little Hearts Matter in Jessica’s memory.

Below, mum Louise, shares her story:

‘Jessica was born with half a working heart. Her heart condition was first discovered at the 20 week scan. At 22 weeks, her parents were told that her heart defect was so severe that she wouldn’t be suitable for the life-saving surgery she needed after birth. In June 2011, at 28 weeks’ gestation, Jessica had her first heart surgery in the womb – the surgery that gave her a chance to live. At 8 hours old, she had her first open heart surgery – the first of several heart surgeries which “replumbed” her heart to try to make it work as well as possible. Her final surgery was in December 2017 and she seemed to recover well from this, returning to school after the February half-term.

Jessica was unwell on and off for the last few weeks of her life with what seemed to be a viral chest infection but was being treated for this and we were hopeful that she would get better. Her sudden death on 14th April 2018 came as a huge shock. ‘

Jessica’s uncles Adrian and Pete and cousins Jamie, Jason and Lee ran in the Great South Run this year in memory of a beautiful little girl who was full of smiles and full of joy and to help support a wonderful charity who help support other children like Jessica.

We’d like to thank Adrian, Pete, Jamie, Jason and Lee for raising a fantastic £280 for Little Hearts Matter.

You can read more about Jessica by following the link to Louise’s link here.

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