“I haven’t mastered teaching with half a heart, but each day gets a little easier” Sophie’s Story

If there were a book called “How to Survive Teaching with Half a Working Heart”, I would read it front to back. However, no such book exists (to my knowledge) so, I am taking it one day at a time…

My name is Sophie, I am twenty two years old and I was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome or, in other words, half a working heart.

In September, I began my first year of teaching. Being a class teacher to thirty four primary school children can certainly have its challenges, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

When I began teaching full-time in September, it was certainly a shock to the system, I was the most exhausted I have ever been.

I had to find ways to adapt to this new life of getting to work for half seven and returning home ten hours later. I am fortunate that both my boyfriend, Jamie, (who I am living with) and my Mum are teachers, so could support me through this transition.

Teaching is a tiring job, and there is no getting around that.  Before I started at the school, I made sure to find a flat within half an hour, as travelling can be very tiring. My fifteen minute journey means that I can get up slightly later, making for a more relaxing morning.

In order to stay alert during the day, I make sure to stay hydrated with water (and lots of tea), and eat healthy snacks throughout. The school has been extremely supportive with regards to my heart condition, and has made allowances where necessary. I would therefore encourage anyone working at a new company to make their colleagues aware of their medical history, where appropriate.

During the afternoon, I encourage my children to partake in some “quiet time”, which can be just as beneficial for me as it is for them.

 As tempting as it can be to order a takeaway when I am feeling tired from a day at work, I know it is extremely important to eat healthily. Therefore, I try to meal-prep as much as possible for dinners, by preparing huge batches of food. Additionally, I try to be honest with Jamie when I am too tired to cook; honesty about the limits of my heart condition was difficult at first, but something that is hugely important in a relationship.

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Teaching with a heart condition.

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