My life with half a working heart – Jason’s Story

We are delighted to introduce you to Jason, one of our young adult members born with a single ventricle heart condition. Jason has very generously shared his story with us to shine a light on life with half a working heart. He also designed these awesome cartoons! 

Hi! My name is Jason Wright, I am 21 years old. I was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, I also have autism.

HLHS is a congenital heart condition, meaning it has been with me since I was born. I have done all three stages of open heart surgery and have the scars to show for it! My mum told me that the scar is like a zip that the nurses used to change the batteries in my chest. To any younger heart-kids out there waiting to get their batteries changed, you got this!

As an adult with half a working heart, I do still face challenges. It can be tricky to join in with friends, especially stuff like football or theme parks. Chatting with your mates about your heart can help a lot, that way they can understand your challenges better.

I have always loved ocean-life, particularly coral reefs, but because I can’t use the oxygen tanks, that rules out the chance of becoming a marine biologist! So, what else could I do? What else do I love…

Well, I do love art, and I’m a pretty awesome illustrator if I don’t say so myself! I created a family of cartoon characters called Apples (check them out below). I would love to use my artwork to inspire other people and to raise awareness for young people who are born with a serious heart condition. Having a creative pursuit is super helpful for people with CHD, it gives you an outlet to express yourself, a chance to be who you want to be. In the future, I would love to become a professional animator, who knows, Apples might even get their own feature film one day…

A huge thank you to Jason for creating this for us. Check out Jason’s website by clicking here.

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