‘My Life So Far With Tricuspid Atresia’- Ryan’s Story

Ryan was born in Jun 1997, and was diagnosed with tricuspid atresia, having his first operation at just 3 weeks old.

At school, Ryan does recall struggling physically, and notes that he was treated a bit like ‘an egg about to crack at any moment’. But he got along with everyone, despite that being a little annoying. He knew that it was just other people’s way of caring about him.

He did have to have warfarin blood tests, meaning that he had to wake up at 7AM to have his finger pricked to check how thick his blood was. However, the worst of it was the MRI scans, which he hated. He still has to go through that, but it doesn’t bother him as much anymore.

Ryan’s condition, despite the difficulty and frustration he says it can cause, hasn’t stopped him from enjoying life. He’s been to Greece, Turkey and America. He’s also discovered his passion, playing bass guitar in an original hard rock band. He left school to study music performance. He’s getting on well and has even had an opening for other bands at the 02 Academy in Birmingham.

And that’s about up to date! I have always been encouraged by my parent’s to follow my dreams, so to everyone out there follow your dreams and don’t give up on your personal goals no matter how big or small.

To read more about Ryan, click here.

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