‘I Was Starting To Rely On My Own Body, Not Machines’ – Becky’s Story

15 year old Becky’s  story is a little different because her mother never found out that she had a single ventricle heart condition until she stopped breathing and went blue after birth.

After starting Year 3, Becky unfortunately was bulled because of her condition. Year 6’s would call her ‘BLUE LIPS’. This is always upsetting, because it made her feel isolated from the other children because it was different, and could never understand why those words hurt her.

In 2010, Becky had her surgery. In fact, she pretended to be a helicopter because the anaesthetic made her giggle so much! It was also the first time she looked pink.

‘I was starting to rely on my own body, not machines’.

As Becky got stronger, she was even able to raise money for the cardiology unit of the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, and her parents ran a marathon for it.  She tries to keep fit and healthy as much as she can and did her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

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