‘I Know That I Have A Special Handmade Heart’- Tia’s Story

I feel sad about my heart, I want it to get better, I know that I have a special handmade heart and that the doctors did amazing things to make it work and keep me alive.

I had two open heart surgeries when I was a baby and was on a life support machine. I need another open heart surgery soon, I am scared about the cannula but it will make me stronger and I hope I will be able to keep up with my friends a bit better which will be great. My heart makes me very tired and I’m always hungry! I sometimes can’t play with my friends because they are too quick, but I do get to do fun things like Stagecoach and swimming lessons, these help to keep me fit and grow stronger and they are very good as they let me rest when I get tired. I have to go to lots of hospital appointments but these can sometimes be fun as the doctors and nurses are nice and funny. 

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