‘How Can I Tell Enzo He Needs To Be Strong If I’m Being Weak?’- Claire On Her Son Enzo

When the Doctor told Claire that Enzo would have Hypoplastic left heart syndrome, the shock was so great that she couldn’t even register his words. All she remembers was her mother crying, suggesting that it ‘must not have been the best of news’.  After being given her options, she could only think: ‘Why me? What have I done wrong?’

But Little Hearts Matter was there to support Sarah and Enzo on their heart journey and put them in touch with a mother in a similar situation.

After his first open heart surgery, Enzo ‘was so floppy and grey tinged’ at barely four months old.  He recovered but as with most children with half a heart, this was the beginning of his journey.

By the time of his next surgery, Claire could only ‘see the fear in his eyes as he lay there with a mask over his face’.  After that surgery, she could only hold his hand and cry at seeing tubes coiled around her son, gasping for a drink which he wasn’t allowed.

Despite those dark days, Enzo definitely made his mum proud. He does well in school and is even the top of his class!

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‘I can’t thank Little Hearts Matter enough too. They were only a phone call away and like I said before, they put me in touch with a mum who might just have saved my sanity through this whole ordeal.’



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