My Special ❤️ – Grace’s Story


My name is Grace and I have just turned 7 years old. My birthday is on New Years Day and this year for the first time my Mummy and Daddy let me stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve to open my first birthday present! I coped well but my Mummy was tired…

My Special Heart.

I have a special heart (HLHS) and have had 3 operations. I do not remember my first two operations as I was so little, but I do remember my last operation, the Fontan because I was just about to turn 4. I take 3 medicines to help my heart to work better… captopril, Lisinopril and Warfarin which is my favourite.

Since I had my last operation, I have been able to join in with my friends and do so many more things I struggled to do before. I still sometimes get tired, but I am good at stopping for a rest or a snack if I need to. I go to school full time and have so many lovely friends who all know about my special heart so understand why I sometimes get special treatment from the teachers!  (This makes me happy)

Me and My Family

I live with my Mummy, Daddy, my older brother Theo and sister Bea, we also have a dog called Betsie. I love to do lots of active things like skipping, gymnastics, street dance, climbing, camping and I am looking forward to starting horse riding lessons once lockdown is over. I also like playing with my toys and making videos.

A note from my Mummy

We are so proud of Grace; she is our little miracle. We fought to have her, and she has fought to be here ever since. Every day she amazes us with her happy, determined and fun attitude to life.   We do not know what the future will hold, so we try to live everyday to the full, which has been much more difficult this last year! But, we have managed to adapt and have fun in different ways and we are looking forward to lots more exciting adventures in the future!

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