Silver for Silver

This year, we’ve created Silver for Silver, a new fundraising event which is perfect for younger members, schools and youth groups. It’s really easy to take part, and you get a free tube of Smarties too!

Visit our Hall of Fame to see everyone who has completed their challenge

How do I get involved?

  1. Request your Smartie tube using the form below (if you’re coming to our Open Day in April, you have the option to collect it there too)
  2. Eat your Smarties so that you have an empty tube
  3. Collect as many silver coins as you can and fill your Smartie tube (you can even put £1 coins in too if you like!)
  4. Once your tube is full, head to to pay in your funds

How long do I have to pay in the funds I’ve raised?

Please pay in your funds by 10th May 2019.

Silver for Silver

Fill out the details below to request your Smartie tube

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