Exercise When You Have Half A Heart, During Lockdown

We know that many of our young members have been told to isolate themselves to just the house and garden. Some are allowed a walk, run or ride in a wide open space. Getting used to being restricted is tough but working to try and keep fit can be even more of a challenge. We … Continued

Answering questions about ongoing Congenital Cardiac care.

Answering questions about ongoing Congenital Cardiac care With so many changes to healthcare announced in the news many LHM families, teenagers and adults have been asking about what hospitals are doing to keep them safe if they have an outpatient appointment or inpatient treatment planned during the Coronavirus outbreak. Be reassured that doctors and nurses … Continued

BCCA COVID-19 Update – 27.03.2020

Updated BCCA COVID-19 guidance for extremely vulnerable groups with congenital heart disease (27 March 2020) Download Link: COVID_19_BCCA_Update_27_March_2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – update 23rd March 2020

Many members have been asking what risk level and precaution level they should be taking for the children, teenagers and adults with a single ventricle heart condition. It is important to remember that everyone with half a heart is different but it has been agreed that anyone with half a heart is in the vulnerable … Continued

Coronavirus and Single Ventricle Heart Disease – Your Questions Answered

Yesterday the British Congenital Cardiac Association has published comprehensive information about adults, teenagers and children with congenital heart conditions. They have set out guidance for the group of patients that they feel are in the higher risk category if they were to catch Coronavirus, bringing advice in line with the Government advice for anyone with … Continued

Coronavirus Update From The British Congenital Cardiac Association (18/03/2020)

The British Congenital Cardiac Association have published the below information on Coronavirus and Complex Congenital heart Disease. As always feel free to contact the LHM team or your congenital cardiac team if it raises any questions. We are available to call on 0121 455 8982 or email [email protected] BBCA Update 18th March 2020

Members Respond to LHM’s Winter Newsletter

The Little Hearts Matter newsletter is one of the many ways that we keep in touch with our members and supporters, updating them with a carefully selected mix of news, stories and information. This month saw the release of our winter edition of the 25th anniversary newsletter and we received this amazing quote from one … Continued

LHM’s response to Pulse-oximetry Screening for Critical Congenital Heart Defects NSC Consultation

As the representative of over 5800 members, all affected by single ventricle heart disease, Little Hearts Matter responded to the request for more information to support the introduction of Oxygen Saturation Screening in the neonatal period. To read Little Hearts Matter’s response to the UK National Screening Committee, please click here.

Mirror Online article My Life with Half a heart..Only Half Understood.

As part of LHM’s Awareness week the Mirror online published an amazing article all about the My Life with Half a Heart…Only Half Understood survey. Warren Manger, a journalist and LHM parent member, wrote the article which features the stories of two of our young members, Amber and John. We would like to thank them, … Continued

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