Exploring ways to make discharging a baby with a single ventricle heart safer

Taking a child home for the first time after complex surgery can be very frightening. Knowing what to look for if a baby is becoming ill is a constant concern for mums and dads.

Over the past two years a team of nurses have been working together with Little Hearts Matter to create an information tool that will help new parents know how to react to the signs and symptoms that their child may show if they are becoming unwell at home

The early warning tool is called the Congenital Heart Assessment Tool (CHAT) to support decision making by families and children’s community teams; to improve safety, quality of care; improve communication and standardise care provision.

The ultimate aim for the chat tool will be to introduce the traffic light system to every parent of a child with a single pump heart before they take their child home so that they know what to look for.

We would like to invite the families of children under the age of two to help us to review the new tool to make sure it is perfect before it goes on general release. As well as the research session there will be time for lunch and a chat with other LHM families.

If you are interested in attending a relaxed research day at the Little Hearts Matter office on Saturday the 21st October complete the form you can find here [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

LHM Discharge Research Day

Looking to review the newly created CHAT tool.
  • Please give first and last name.

Identifying improvements to complex pathways: evidence synthesis and stakeholder engagement in infant congenital heart disease

Health services research, published by BMJ Open on 6th June 2016.


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