Children’s and Parents’ Consent to Heart Surgery study

Click here to access the end of year report from the UCL Children’s and Parents’ Consent to Heart Surgery Research project 2019-2021.


BCCA COVID-19 infection in Congenital Heart Disease study

Click here for more information about the The COACHeD study.


#HealthcareScienceWeek – Treatments for Single ventricle: The Early Years

Cardiologist, author, friend of LHM Kate Bull very generously created this fantastic article for us – exploring the history of treatment for single ventricle heart conditions.

Produced by friend of LHM, Kate Bull. 


NIHR – Heart surgery in young children

“Routine monitoring of complications can help assess the quality of care – Informative and accessible heath and care research”


Leg pains in CHD: a distressing symptom of a wider problem

Anecdotal reports suggest that children and young adults with CHD frequently experience pain in their legs. The purpose of this pilot study, performed by Little Hearts Matter patient organisation, was to assess the burden of leg pains in this group and begin to investigate associated factors and consequences for daily living. To read the full report please click on the link above.


25th Anniversary Membership Survey – Creating a Better Future.

In its 25th Anniversary year Little Hearts Matter sought to review how the needs of its membership may have changed over the past 25 years and where their greatest challenges are moving forward. The following paper explores the results of the survey and sets out the actions that the charity will take moving forward. Click Here to access the survey


Research priorities in single-ventricle heart conditions: a United Kingdom national study

The object was to bring together stakeholders in the United Kingdom to establish national priorities for research in single-ventricle heart conditions. In partnership with Little Hearts Matter, the group in Birmingham brought together patients, their parents, healthcare professionals, researchers and charities from across the UK. Their findings have been published in the journal Cardiology in the Young and can be viewed by clicking on the link above.

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