Dear Member

Re: Little Hearts Matter AGM and Open Day – Saturday 8th May 2021, Online Meeting – Understanding Life with a Single Ventricle Heart Disease

We hope that this letter finds you and your family well and that you are all coping with the advice you have been given for keeping safe during the Covid-19 crisis. Please remember that the LHM team are always here if you need our help.

We had hoped that this year we would be able to invite you to a full Open Day, but with no clear view about how Covid will be affecting us in May, and with the positive feedback we received after  the November online event, we have decided to hold our 2021 meeting online.  We are then hoping to have a party in the summer, if Covid allows.  

We will be focussing on Understanding Life with a Single Ventricle Heart including the tests that are performed and why, the outcomes of surgery and medical treatment, access to school, keeping fit and healthy with a single ventricle heart.

We will also be offering sessions for the children in the afternoon. 7-11 year olds, 11-15 year olds and 16-18 year olds.

The Trustees will be hosting the AGM, updating members on how the charity managed the Covid crisis last year. It is exciting that following a call for new Trustees we are able to propose four new members of the Board. Please take the time to complete the online voting forms so that we gain your vote for the accounts and the new Trustees.

We would like to invite you to apply to join the meeting and to take your vote on our annual accounts and the newly proposed or reapplying Trustees.

As always, feel free to come back to us if we can help with any questions. We look forward to seeing you virtually in November.

With thanks and best wishes


Suzie Hutchinson RGN; RSCN                                        David Baumber 
Chief Executive                                                                Acting Chair of the Board of Trustees


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