For further information you can download the educational resources below.

Early years foundation stage (EYFS) and Key Stage 1 booklet

This booklet is part of a series helping children with single ventricle heart conditions to make the most of their education, and covers Early years foundation stage and Key Stage 1. Much of the information is also applicable to pre-s


Key Stage 2 - junior school booklet

This booklet is part of a series helping children with single ventricle heart conditions to make the most of their education, and concentrates on the middle years in school.


Transition to secondary school booklet

This booklet has been created to help children and parents to plan the move into secondary school and to build a partnership between school and family.


Key Stage 3 secondary school - years 7 and 8

This publication is to help parents and carers plan and support children with complex heart conditions so that they achieve as much from their school life as their condition will allow; to support, inform and empower the children as they learn how to get the most from their life at school and to support and inform teachers who are looking to ensure that a child with a complex heart condition remains safe in the school environment whilst being encouraged and supported to
reach their full educational potential.


Key Stages 3 & 4 secondary school - years 9 - 11


Healthcare plans for children and young people with a single ventricle heart condition

Every child with a single ventricle heart condition will have added needs within the school environment, although each individual’s needs will be different.

This booklet has been created to support parents/carers and young p


Support for a child with special educational needs (SEN) within nursery, school or further education

This booklet has been created for parents of children with complex heart conditions to improve their understanding of the support available to enable their children to reach their full potential in the school/education environment.

In September 2014 the process for supporting children with added needs in school was changed. Gradually over the next three years School Action, School Action Plus and Statementing will be replaced with school-based support and/or and Education, Health and Care plan (EHC plan). This booklet explains the process in more detail.



Sport and exercise booklet

Our Sport and exercise booklet is written for young people with half a heart, parents, teachers and club leaders. It aims to give overall guidance for leisure and school sport and exercise, and includes a chart which can be used by



Living with anticoagulation

This booklet aims to equip parents, children and young adults with an understanding of why anticoagulation medications to slow blood clotting are needed, how to manage it on a day-to-day basis and what the associated risks are


Half a heart...Half the Energy plan

Living with half a heart can mean you face many different challenges. One of which is not having as much energy as your friends. This is because your body finds it harder to produce the energy it needs to do simple day to day activities.

So to help you understand your energy levels in an easier way, Little Hearts Matter have introduced The Spoon Theory.  This is a great tool for you to plan your day and make sure you have enough energy to complete activities like going out with your friends or completing homework. It is also a useful way to explain to your friends, teachers and parents how you get more out of breath or tired.

To find out more click here

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    “This is Ava and her big sister Amber. Not only was Ava born in the pandemic but she was also fighting with having only half a heart.”

    “At 1 week old Ava had her first open heart surgery, the stent, followed by an emergency surgery called the BT shunt… a 2 hour surgery turned into 6 hours.”

    “1 week after her surgery, we were planning for discharge, but not everything went so smoothly. They then decided to re-do her BT shunt, so in her first 3 weeks of life ava had been through 3 open heart surgeries.”

    “Ava is now at home, 5 months old and is thriving, awaiting the Glenn procedure in the next couple of months. I couldn't thank the team at Leeds children's hospital enough for everything they have done for Ava, she is an amazing little girl with half a heart.”

    “Her big sister is so proud and amazed at what Ava has done so far. I am truly blessed with these amazing little girls.”

    Monday feel-good shared by LHM parent member Sophie Lea.

    Half a heart, not half a life x
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