It’s Little Hearts Matter’s 25th anniversary in 2019 and we’re asking our supporters to help us celebrate this momentous occasion by challenging themselves to help us make it the special year we hope it will be.

We want as many people as possible to join in the fundraising effort, so we can keep going and growing for another 25 years. If you think how far we’ve come as a charity over the last quarter of a century, imagine what we can do in the next 25?!

So, you may be asking “what can I do?”

We have 25 ideas below for you to take on. Do as many as you want, but please join in and help us make 2019 a year to remember!

    1. Host a special Summer Celebration (watch this space for more information!)
    2. Cycle from London to Brighton joining our 25 for 25 team of bike enthusiasts
    3. Nominate LHM as your businesses charity of the year
    4. Fancy jumping out of a plane at 14,000 feet? Thought so! Sign up to a Skydive
    5. Volunteer to help
    6. Silver for silver… collect silver coins and fill those Smarties tubes – after enjoying emptying them first of course!
    7. Half Dress Down Day at work or school
    8. Handmade Hearts – make, bake, sew and sell your heart shaped creations
    9. Half a marathon for half a heart
    10. Your very own gala dinner
    11. Why have a big night out, when you can have a games night in?
    12. Do a marathon – on your terms! Take part in a Virtual Marathon
    13. Give a gift – Could your business donate goods or services?
    14. Take on 100 miles cycle round the iconic capital – Ride London
    15. Give regularly to LHM via Direct Debit or Standing Order
    16. Bucket collections at shopping centre or public venue
    17. Name the teddy competition or fun and games at work or school
    18. Sporting sweepstake – who will win the Grand National in 2019?!
    19. Quiz – At work, at the pub, at school –  Quizzes are cheap and easy to put on
    20. Swear Box – An easy way to rack up the pounds at work if the air is often blue!
    21. Give it Up! Whatever “it” is, why not raise money as extra motivation?
    22. Hair Shave – Lose those precious locks all in a good cause
    23. Car wash – A great way of getting outside and making a few bob
    24. Guess the number of sprinkles on the cake
    25. Sponsored Sports Match

These are just some suggestions, but we hope you’re inspired to help in 2019!

You can of course do anything you want to fundraise for Little Hearts Matter, so fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you to help however we can.

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Fundraising for Little Hearts Matter helps us to continue to support families through every step of the half a heart journey. We love hearing about all of the different fundraising events our supporters are doing.

Please tell us about your event by completing the form below. Don't forget to tell us if you need any resources!

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    If you are booking your summer holiday you might like to look at our Travel and Trips booklet to help with your planning. It is full of tips and ideas for how you can make sure you have a great time but also keep your heart warrior safe. ... See MoreSee Less

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    Children with half a working heart catch colds and coughs just like other children of the same age but of course when you already have a reduced energy level and less oxygen travelling around your body it can knock the children for six. Parents may notice that their child is a bit more cyanosed, a bit bluer, and that they may be a bit more breathless than normal. Keep the children well wrapped up and snug and warm, give them Calpol if their temperature is high, keep the fluids going, small amounts of nourishing food every couple of hours and lots of opportunity to sleep will all help a child recover. HOWEVER, if they have a high temperature for a couple of days or their breathlessness or colour becomes worse take them to the GP for a check-up. If the infection is Viral there will be no point in antibiotics but if the GP thinks antibiotics will help they will be prescribed. If you are worried at all always get your child checked by a doctor. ... See MoreSee Less

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