We’re all stuck indoors at the moment, so our mascot, Jigzy, is challenging you to get active and raise money for Little Hearts Matter! 

Staying active is essential during these difficult times. By signing up to the Jigzy Active Challenge, you can  keep fit, relieve some of the boredom and stress of self-isolation and vitally raise much needed funds to help families on their half a heart journey. 

Jigzy is asking you – our fantastic supporters – to challenge yourself to do something active every day for 26 days then ask your friends and family to sponsor you.

So, could you:

  • Skip in the garden?
  • Set up an obstacle course in your garden and complete it?
  • Do 50 star jumps?
  • Do a YouTube work out video?
  • Go for a bike ride? 
  • Do 50 sit ups? 
  • Climb a mountain using your stairs? 

As long as you do something active for 26 days, we don’t care what it is and you can get your friends and family to sponsor you (remotely of course!)



When you sign up to Jigzy’s Active Challenge we will send you a helpful tips sheet to give you some ideas to get started and a record sheet so you can keep track of the different activities you have done each day. It’s an ace way of keeping track of your progress and telling everyone how you’re doing!  

Sign up below:

Jigzy's Active Challenge

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    “Jasper, 15, HLHS... half a heart not half a life... ❤”

    So awesome to see our young members, just like Jasper here, getting out and enjoying the sun!

    It is important for all of us to protect ourselves from the effects of the sun, but it is essential for anyone who has only half a working heart. Remember to drink, you need to maintain hydration for a good Fontan circulation, in this heat they get dry very quickly.

    We have a full resource on staying safe in the sun, for people with half a heart, read it here: bit.ly/lhm-safe-in-the-sun

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    “Six years today since Bethany had her Fontan procedure. Grateful to God for how well she is. We all enjoyed some wild swimming in the Thames this afternoon! She was the first in the water and went in more than any of us! Half a heart but definitely not half a life!”

    “Bethany loves swimming. Unfortunately her swimming lessons have been cancelled since March and not likely to start up again until September at the earliest, so we are taking every opportunity to swim elsewhere.”

    Awesome update from LHM parent member Caroline, mum to Bethany here, born with a single ventricle heart. We are encouraging swimming for our members as part of our new ‘get fit for winter’ resource, created for our members. Some swimming pools are just beginning to open for exercise rather than just a splash around. If you have always been a good swimmer and like this style of exercise, it is a great way to exercise the heart.

    Follow the guidelines set out to keep the swim Covid safe. We know that more chlorine is being added to the pool and fewer people are swimming at a time. Make sure you get dry and dressed quickly after being in the water because getting cold is a problem for some Fontan hearts. Wetsuits can help.

    Read our latest resource for LHM members here: www.lhm.org.uk/information/lifestyle-information/get-fit-for-winter/
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