This year we are encouraging our supporters to run a half marathon to help those with only half a working heart.

13.1 miles might sound daunting but whether you’ve never run before or have been running for years, half marathons are a great challenge. There are lots of half marathons across the country that you can get involved in and they can be a lot of fun!

If you sign up to run any half marathon for us we will send you a free t-shirt or running vest and support your fundraising efforts with advice and resources. Let’s see how many half marathons we can run for children with half a heart!

Here’s your quick start guide to getting involved!

  1. Decide which half marathon you’d like to run – there is a list of some of the UK’s bigger half marathons below and we can arrange places at the Edinburgh half marathon for you. For information on the hundreds of other half marathons see Half Marathon List. Don’t forget to let us know what event you’ll be running!
  2. Decide how you’re going to fundraise – you can either fundraise offline using sponsorship forms, online using fundraising pages like Virgin Money Giving or both! You can find our sponsor form and other fundraising materials here
  3. Decide what resources you need – we have t-shirts, running vests, badges, wristbands, a fundraising pack, posters, balloons and even bunting we can send you to help you fundraise; just let us know what you need!
  4. Get training – half marathons are a great challenge but you will still need to train so you are in tip-top shape come race day. Why not check out these free plans from Runners World?
  5. Let us know if we can help – we are always happy to answer any queries please contact us.
  6. Enjoy the race – half marathons often have a great atmosphere, with friends and family coming out in force to cheer on the runners. Enjoy the run and make sure you relax with a well-earned rest at the end of it all!

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