This Christmas, donate a gift to a child with half a heart. 

Every year Little Hearts Matter sends out heart balloons to young members who are having their Fontan operation. Often the balloon is the first thing that helps them smile after their surgery. 

Could you help by donating the price of a balloon we might send next year? It could be a gift to LHM on behalf of one of your friends or family. Struggling to know what to buy someone for Christmas? Have they told you that they don’t need anything? What could be better than knowing that their gift is going to raise a smile from a young person after their Fontan surgery?

Simply fill out the form below, then you’ll be automatically redirected to our shop to buy your gift balloons. 

Once we receive payment, if you’re buying this as a gift for a friend or family member, we’ll send you a card (electronically or through the post) to give to them at Christmas. 

This year, at a time when people need to be kind more than ever before, please Give a Gift through Little Hearts Matter this Christmas.

Give a Gift

  • Please specify how many balloons you'd like to donate (£10 each balloon sent)
  • The card you'll send will have the following words: Dear (Friend/Family Member), On your behalf, I have gifted (X) balloons to be delivered to children with half a working heart following their open heart surgery. A smiley balloon will be delivered to their hospital bedside following their Fontan heart operation. Please leave your personal message if you wish that will be inserted into the card below this.

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