If you’re having a stall at a fair or at work here is a great selection of games and posters you can use.

Guess the Sprinkles

A great poster to accompany a bake sale, it also works well on other stalls.


Guess the Teddy

A really popular fundraiser with kids is Guess the Teddy. Choose the teddy’s name and then see who manages to guess it!


Spot the Easter Egg

A lovely game for spring is our Spot the Easter Egg game. Guess where the egg is and win a prize.


Promotional poster

Really useful to decorate your stand or event so people know who you’re fundraising for.


Event poster

This poster comes with a box where you can fill in the details of an upcoming event. Great to put around an office/school to let people know what you’re planning.


Fundraising materials

We also have t-shirts, running vests, merchandise you can sell, donation tins and balloons. If you would like us to send you any of them, please get in touch.

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