Children with half a working heart show extraordinary bravery every single day, from going through multiple open heart surgeries to fighting to keep up with their friends. Could you be a #HalfAHeartHero and take on a brave challenge for children with half a working heart?

This year, we are asking you to put on your superhero capes and do something incredible for the families we support. Inspired by the incredible bravery that heart children show every day, gather all your courage, take the plunge and cross skydiving, running a marathon or even climbing Kilimanjaro off your bucket list to raise funds for Little Hearts Matter.

Jumping out of a plane not for you? We know that bravery comes in many forms. Whether it’s shaving off your beloved beard, holding your first ever coffee morning or eating the spiciest chilli you can find, there are lots of ways to be a #HalfAHeartHero. The only limit is your courage. Whatever your fear, conquer it for a worthy cause and Be Brave for LHM in 2018!

How to get involved:

  • Get inspired – read our blog and check out our Facebook page for stories of incredible bravery
  • Choose your challenge or event – there are lots of ideas in the links below
  • Commit to facing your fear and request your Be Brave fundraising pack using this form
  • Tell everyone about your incredible bravery!
  • Hold your event or complete your challenge
  • Send us the funds you have raised
  • Share your photos using #halfahearthero

Sign up to Be Brave today!


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    If you are booking your summer holiday you might like to look at our Travel and Trips booklet to help with your planning. It is full of tips and ideas for how you can make sure you have a great time but also keep your heart warrior safe. ... See MoreSee Less

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    Children with half a working heart catch colds and coughs just like other children of the same age but of course when you already have a reduced energy level and less oxygen travelling around your body it can knock the children for six. Parents may notice that their child is a bit more cyanosed, a bit bluer, and that they may be a bit more breathless than normal. Keep the children well wrapped up and snug and warm, give them Calpol if their temperature is high, keep the fluids going, small amounts of nourishing food every couple of hours and lots of opportunity to sleep will all help a child recover. HOWEVER, if they have a high temperature for a couple of days or their breathlessness or colour becomes worse take them to the GP for a check-up. If the infection is Viral there will be no point in antibiotics but if the GP thinks antibiotics will help they will be prescribed. If you are worried at all always get your child checked by a doctor. ... See MoreSee Less

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