If you’ve always thought about running for charity, 2019 could be your year! Take on a 5K for Little Hearts Matter and make a difference for children with half a working heart.

Charity places

Little Hearts Matter has guaranteed charity places in the events below. There is a minimum sponsorship target of £50 for 5K runs and we will be there with you every step of the way to help you reach your target.

Run for LHM and we will:

  • Provide you with your very own LHM running t-shirt
  • Assist you with your training
  • Help you smash your fundraising target with LHM fundraising resources and advice

Bournemouth Supernova 5K 2019

5 October 2019, 19:00 Bournemouth

Take the beautiful and iconic venue of the Bournemouth Pier, wait until dusk, get the family together (and we mean everyone – grandparents, uncles, aunties, parents, kids, friends!), dig out the flourescent clothing and grab everything and anything that glows or flashes for the Supernova 5K.

Little Hearts Matter has charity places in this event and we would love you to be part of our team! Apply by following the link to the right and we’ll be in touch soon to confirm your place, or you can contact us for more information.

Edinburgh Marathon Festival 5K 2019

25 May 2019 Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Marathon Festival 5K is a great start to your running journey and a chance to be part of the biggest running festival in Scotland. The route offers stunning views of Edinburgh Castle and panoramic views of the city.

Little Hearts Matter has charity places in this run and we would love you to be part of our team! Apply by following the link to the right and we’ll be in touch to confirm your place soon, or you can contact us for more information.

Choose your own event

Can’t see a run you like, or want to take part in an event local to you? You can still fundraise for LHM! Choose any run you like, apply for your place directly with the organisers and then let us know so we can cheer you on through your training and support your fundraising.

There is no minimum sponsorship target for own place runners, just raise as much as you can!

Here are some ideas to get you started:


Cardiff 5k 2019

5 May 2019 Cardiff

This race is open to runners aged 11 and over of all abilities; so you can be a competitive runner or just enjoy a fun run in a real timed race.

Participants will be able to Race, Run, Jog or Walk this closed road, 5K race route; and either take part to raise funds for their chosen Charity or just for the Fun…the choice is theirs.


If you’ve got any questions or just want to have a chat about running for LHM, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0121 455 8982 or email [email protected].

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    Children with half a working heart catch colds and coughs just like other children of the same age but of course when you already have a reduced energy level and less oxygen travelling around your body it can knock the children for six. Parents may notice that their child is a bit more cyanosed, a bit bluer, and that they may be a bit more breathless than normal. Keep the children well wrapped up and snug and warm, give them Calpol if their temperature is high, keep the fluids going, small amounts of nourishing food every couple of hours and lots of opportunity to sleep will all help a child recover. HOWEVER, if they have a high temperature for a couple of days or their breathlessness or colour becomes worse take them to the GP for a check-up. If the infection is Viral there will be no point in antibiotics but if the GP thinks antibiotics will help they will be prescribed. If you are worried at all always get your child checked by a doctor. ... See MoreSee Less

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