There are loads of services and activities we run at LHM that you could help drive by sponsoring.

Sponsorship would be a fantastic way of helping, as you know your partnership is directly benefiting families when they need it most. Why not sponsor one of the following services we provide?

  • Youth Activity Weekends

Every year, LHM welcome it’s youth members aged between 11 and 18 on a  number of activity weekends. Often these weekends are the first time our children have spent time away from their parents, met other children with half a heart and taken part in activities such as kayaking, high ropes, abseiling and assault courses. Not just catering for adventurous young people, we’ve recently brought in trips that appeal to those children who are more interested in science, computers and education. Whatever we do, these weekends can be truly life changing for the children who attend.

  • Newsletter

Our expertly produced and engaging newsletter is available to our 4,500 plus members. Produced up to three times a year, the newsletter is hugely popular with our families as it features inspirational stories, top tips and LHM news. Any partnership would be recognised by LHM acknowledging the sponsorship in the newsletter, on the newsletter and across social media.

  • Fontan Support Package

Every year, nearly 200 children with half a working heart have a major heart operation called the Fontan procedure. The Fontan package costs the charity approximately £40 each and includes:

An award-winning booklet explaining the operation, one-to-one advice from qualified and experienced experts, access to support groups through social media, events and presentations, booklets and after every child’s Fontan procedure, LHM aim to send a balloon to them to arrive once they are in the ward post-operation.

  • Open Day Packages

The LHM Open Day is our flagship event and held every spring and costs approximately £23,000 to stage. Hundreds of members and their children attend every year and it’s the biggest event we stage. A mixture of speakers, seminars, networking, discussion groups and a youth service even a crèche for the children means it’s a packed day which hugely benefits the attendees who benefit hugely from it. A number of packages are available including sponsorship of speakers, the childcare on offer or the youth sessions. More details are available on request.

  • Merchandise

If you choose to sponsor any of our merchandise, we can offer you great exposure. Our fundraisers, supporters and staff will wear T-shirts, technical tops, running vests, hoodies, and cycling tops, and sponsorship would give your businesses logo on the clothing as well as publicity announcing the sponsorship (perhaps with your staff modelling the merch!). There are other items available to sponsor including pin badges, wristbands, water bottles and we are also open to suggestions for other items to be sponsored.

We would welcome sponsorship of any of the services we provide and would be happy to discuss any ideas you may have as well as any of the above suggestions.

Contact [email protected] or call 0121 455 8982 for more details.

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    If you are booking your summer holiday you might like to look at our Travel and Trips booklet to help with your planning. It is full of tips and ideas for how you can make sure you have a great time but also keep your heart warrior safe. ... See MoreSee Less

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    Children with half a working heart catch colds and coughs just like other children of the same age but of course when you already have a reduced energy level and less oxygen travelling around your body it can knock the children for six. Parents may notice that their child is a bit more cyanosed, a bit bluer, and that they may be a bit more breathless than normal. Keep the children well wrapped up and snug and warm, give them Calpol if their temperature is high, keep the fluids going, small amounts of nourishing food every couple of hours and lots of opportunity to sleep will all help a child recover. HOWEVER, if they have a high temperature for a couple of days or their breathlessness or colour becomes worse take them to the GP for a check-up. If the infection is Viral there will be no point in antibiotics but if the GP thinks antibiotics will help they will be prescribed. If you are worried at all always get your child checked by a doctor. ... See MoreSee Less

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