This time last year, our amazing members and supporters raised over £13,000 through the 2.6 challenge. Now, the team behind the 2.6 Challenge & Captain Tom Moore’s family are asking you to be inspired by Captain Tom Moore and complete a challenge themed around the number 100 for your favourite charity. The nation will be coming together over the weekend of 30th April – 3rd May to raise money for the charities that they love. What will you do? Here is some inspiration:

  • Complete 100 laps of your garden or block on foot or by bike
  • Cycle, run or walk for a total of 100 minutes over the weekend
  • Write a 100 word poem or story and share online
  • Bake 100 cakes or make 100 things and sell them (making sure you follow all social distancing & COVID precautions)
  • Do a 100 minute sponsored silence
  • Hold a 100 minute virtual party & ask for a donation as an entry fee
  • Write a 100 question quiz, ask for a donation to take part & give a percentage of the profits to the winner

Create your fundraising page:
Click here to create a JustGiving page, or click here to create a VirginMoneyGiving page

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